H&R Sport Springs for the Mini Paceman

H&R Spezialfedern now offers sport springs for the Mini Paceman. The springs feature a lower ride of approximately 35 millimetres front and rear. This provides for an enhanced look and improved handling, while maintaining superb ride quality and increased driving convenience. Also in stock are the H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers from 6mm up to 40mm /per achsle, which are made of high aluminium alloy. A height adjustable coilover is in development and will be available soon.

H&R’s full line of products, which are offered for over 1,800 different vehicles, can be purchased from specialized dealers. Along with the expected high-quality of H&R’s products always comes a general operating permit (ABE) or TÜV certificate of conformity for parts (Teilegutachten).  Daily updated catalog on: www.h-r.com

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images: znpp.de / H&R

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